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Hotline : +94 (0) 772 07 17 57

About Us
Web Design & Development

We at HAT International specialize in custom designed websites and also develop on popular theme based CMS systems such as Joomla and Wordpress. This allows us to work with differing client budgets. Our custom design websites come with a guaranteed satisfaction to our clients. We believe every business is unique and the website needs to be a reflection of that spirit of the business. Your customers will be able to find and appreciate professional, user friendly and attractive website that HAT Int builds for you.

We make sure that the website is Search Engine & Mobile Friendly, functional, easy to navigate, users find what they are looking for and key elements like Call-to-actions (CTA) are prominently placed. Use of clear crisp images, text spacing, color scheme, typography are all elements in a good website design.

Research has indicated that users spend very little time on a webpage before they decide to navigate to another website. That's a very short window of opportunity to make that first impression. A well designed website will keep the users interested and they are likely to spend time on your website. It also lend credibility to the business. Our website convert Visitors to Clients.